5 Tips on How to Keep A Clean Car

5 Tips on How to Keep A Clean Car

Keeping a tidy car is crucial for your health and the appearance of your vehicle. It feels good to get in and know that you’re driving in a vehicle that’s fresh and free of dirt, dust, and grime. 

  1. Start By Vacuuming the Floors and Seats

    When it comes to keeping your car clean, the first step is constantly vacuuming the floors and seats. Keep a portable yet compact vacuum cleaner handy in the car. Use it whenever you need to remove adirt, dust, and debris that has accumulated over time. Be sure to use a vacuum with a hose attachment to get into all nooks and crannies. 

  2. Wipe Down the Dashboard

    To maintain a sparkling vehicle, you need to do more than vacuum the floors and seats. You also need to take care of the dashboard! If you want your car’s interior to stay looking new for as long as possible, then you must wipe down the dashboard at least once per month. Be sure not to get any water on the electronics, though! If necessary, use a cloth instead, so there are no accidents when wiping away dust and debris from this part of your vehicle’s interior. Do not forget to use a car seat organizer to keep everything organized.

  3. Use a Glass Cleaner To Clean the Windows 

    Besides cleaning your interior, you need to clean your exterior by cleaning your windows. The best way to clean your car is using a glass cleaner to clean the windows inside and out. Be sure to use a soft cloth to avoid leaving any streaks on the windows.

  4. Place a Trash Bin in the Vehicle 

    It’s not that hard to keep your car tidy. Place a trash bin in the vehicle, and you’ll be able to dispose of any garbage from the vehicle at any time. You should also make sure there is a trash bag inside for this purpose. Every time someone gets out of the car, they can toss their junk into the bin. It’ll be easy for people who ride with others because they will know where to put everything without having to ask anyone else first before disposing of anything!

  5. Keep your Cup Holder Tidy

    Keeping your cup holder tidy is an essential part of keeping your car clean. If you would rather not clean it yourself, remove anything from the cup holder and run water into it to rinse it out. For those who want to clean out their cup holder themselves, mixing a little baking soda with some dishwashing liquid is a great way. Then, use an old toothbrush to scrub out all the dirt and grime built up.

Keeping your car tidy can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the time or patience for it. But with these 5 quick and easy tips, you can enjoy a clean car interior and appearance!

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